An Impossibly Beautiful Campsite

Rounding the corner of a point in the Serpent Islands, we entered a long and narrow shallow bay, tinged with blue-green water. At its end lay an almost flat 50-metre long driveway of Caribbean-like white sand. As we came to the end of the bay, the canoe came to a stop on the soft sand with a content sigh.

Clearly, the flat beach beckoning in front of us would be covered by the tide. Where was the campsite? We pulled the canoe up a few feet and walked down the beach, flanked by little cliffs. At its end, we rounded a corner guarded by a few boulders and were greeted by another white sand beach backed by a wall of salal, and on the other two sides, rose rock cliffs punctuated by two more channels.

We spent hours gazing at life teeming in the intertidal zone created by the three channels feeding the middle of this island.

We had plenty of time to lounge in the sun and scramble on the rocks too.

Later, after lounging in the sun all day, we marvelled as the high tide connected all three channels creating a little pond at the foot of our campsite.

We were in an impossibly beautiful sand oasis!

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  1. I’m so happy it was there. It would have been an uncomfortable night otherwise. As it turns out, it’s quieter than Cultus.

  2. What a beautiful place! Your canoe adventures are really inspiring, Jeff. I definitely want to retrace some of these routes one day with my wife.

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