Swells and Waves Go Away, Come Again Another Day

Swells and Waves Go Away, Come Again Another Day
We knew that on our first day on the water, wind would present an almost immediate challenge. That was unavoidable as the ferry from Port Hardy arrived in Bella Bella at 1 p.m. and all the wind forecasts I had been watching showed a spike in wind speed just before 3 p.m. Our worry was that those winds would prevent us from getting to our first campsite.

From Bella Bella, we headed to our campsite, Hose Point, just 15 km away. First, we went north past Bella Bella, then turned west into Seaforth Channel, just 20 kilometres away from open ocean and under 10 km to our campsite.

At first, we were protected from the wind and waves.

Dryad Point Lighthouse near Bella Bella

But the last part, 1.5-kilometre wide Raymond Channel, greeted us with lots of wind and high waves.

Crossing to Hose Point in relatively calm conditions

We turned back and found a deep bay, Odin Cove, where we relaxed in the sun on a lovely meadow exposed by low tide. KJ even made tea.

Enering calm Odin Cove
Odin Cove drying meadow at low tide

As the sun began to set and the tide came in, we left our soon-to-be-watery meadow and made the crossing in calm conditions and found our camp in another serene bay.

Approaching Hose Point campsite
Tent site at Hose Point

Ah, the rewards of patience.

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