Ignoring the Obvious

Ignoring the Obvious
Day three’s destination was Isle 55 in the Prince Group. Looking at the map below, you might say, “Sure, that’s easy.”

But on the water, large and small islands are hard to tell apart. Also, campsites are not always obvious. Often, the campsites are upland in the forest, hidden from view until you’re literally standing in one, unless people are there.


Even though the GPS took us to the islet, we couldn’t be sure where the campsite was, as we couldn’t see it from the water, and there was not a boat or kayaker around for miles. KJ disembarked a couple of times and scrambled over low-tide exposed rocks to look for a campsite, each time finding nothing. At times, we (I, Jeff) doubted whether we were even at the islet.

Did I mention that there was a black buoy in one of the bays? Twice we entered that bay and left because the landing looked impossible. In all, we circled the island, and a few others, three times. We had time on our side—it was only 11 a.m. We’d find it. In the end, as the tide came in a little, covering the rocky shore, the bay started to look like a possibility.

Isle 55 campsite at mid tide. Notice the black buoy on the right.
Rocky shore at low tide

Of course it was where the campsite was. Did I mention the buoy?

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