The Tranquility of Silence, by KJ

Sunset on Triquet Island NE

One evening on Triquet island after watching a particularly beautiful sunset, I sat for a few moments in the fading light on the beach and listened to…………nothing.

I sat mesmerized for as long as I could drinking in the silence.

Think for a moment about how rare silence or quietness is. Normally, wherever we are, whatever we’re doing there are many background noises, often from machinery or vehicles. In this remote area of the world, we experienced very few mechanical sounds—perhaps only occasionally the muffled sound of a passing fishing boat in the distance. The loudest sound I remember is the flapping of ravens’ wings in flight or the crashing of the waves on the shore.

More often than not, especially in the late evenings, we were blessed with hearing the softness and tranquility of silence.

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  1. There are some signs at what I think are probably two upland tent sites indicating that they are being restored/revegetated. No other indications of activity. The NW camp has beach furniture and graffiti

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