Raven about Nature

Raven about Nature
Without internet and 24-hour news to entertain us, the animal world creates its own viral videos to capture our attention. One evening on Triquet Island, a little fearless bird got very close to KJ as she was preparing dinner. It walked up to her, stopped a few feet away, watched her with curiosity and calmly walked away after a few minutes. Later, on that same island where we spent two days, we watched a raven and red-tailed hawk hang out together. We imagined that they were friends, and even named them Arthur and Merlin. Merlin, the raven, like many others we heard, did not caw deeply as expected, but instead made a sound that sounded like “Kpglop Kpglop”. Arthur, the red-tailed hawk, also loved flying around the campsite.

Red-tailed hawk soaring over Triquet Island NE

Nature sure was a wonderful replacement for my smartphone.

Interestingly, though we both heard and saw many crows and their larger cousins, ravens, they never approached our belongings or our food. They and other animals even left untouched a smelly plastic bag full of onion peels, food cans and other containers we inadvertently left hanging on a branch all day.

What we experienced speaks to the remoteness of the area. Without us, animals are truly wild, and that’s a good thing.

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